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A Will is a document which provides the manner in which a person's property (assets and liabilities) will be distributed after death. 

A Will controls what happens to your estate when you die, but what if you are unable to manage your affairs, to understand what is going on, or to sign your own name? As we get older, there will come a time when we need someone else to assist us with our financial and legal affairs. A properly drawn Power of Attorney will designate who can act for you, in what circumstances they can act, and just what they can do on your behalf.

A Living Will is effective when a patient is diagnosed with a terminal and irreversible condition and cannot survive without extraordinary medical procedures.

​There are many variables that go into estate planning and determining just what is the best way to provide for yourself and your loved ones. The drafting of a Will and/or Power of Attorney is a delicate operation. It requires professional knowledge which can only be developed through years of training and study. David W. Birdsong, Attorney at Law, practices in the area of Wills, Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney and Succession Planning. He can help you avoid the numerous pitfalls in writing your Will and advise the course best suited for your individual situation.

Wills &

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